Art for Recovery (The Healing Power of Art)

I am an amateur artist. I paint with oils. My Grammy Amy was a fantastic painter. She painted with oils too. I guess that’s probably why I chose oils. Part of me wants to be a painter like she was. I know that will probably never happen and that’s fine. I’ll be the kind of artist God wants me to be.

I have completed four different panel series of artwork for recovery. I am presenting them here as a permanent record of the artwork I have done as a part of my recovery program.

The four panel series I am sharing with you are:

  1. Monkey Bear’s Surrender panel series
  2. Monkey Bear Turns It Over panel series
  3. Replace the Face panel series (Good-bye Inner Critic)
  4. How I See Myself

I am very aware that I’m an amateur artist. I do not expect for any of these paintings to hang in a museum. But that is not what they are for. I have painted them to help myself recover from codependency and the characteristics and defects that plague me. This art is very successful for that. I hope that what follows will inspire and encourage readers to work through their recovery processes in creative ways.