Replace the Face Panel Series (Good-Bye Dad)

In this panel series, I am saying good-bye to the father — who my inner being remembers as the critic.

  1. Replace the Face

 In this panel, the scary figure in the back is my father as the person I can’t trust, the inner critic as well. The red hair and appearance of him depicts how scary and mean he is to me.
The dark-faced figure is the Monkey Bear, and she represents me. She’s looking at another figure, who is the blue-eyed, innocent student and thinking, “I’m putting all my dad’s garbage on you.”

replace the face













  1. Me Forgiving Dad

In this panel, I am forgiving the man who was my father. I am forgiving him for being untrustworthy. I am also saying good-bye to him as the critical, demanding, evil, dark, devious man he could sometimes be.
I now have a tan body and rainbow hair. This represents the new optimistic Juliet who is free of her past. There is God’s protective Light surrounding both of us as we bond one last time before he departs. I am wishing him well and we are at peace with each other.

me and dad forgiveness













  1. Dad Flying Away at Peace

That dark, evil, demanding, critical, devious Dad is at peace now. He is flying away into eternity. God’s protective light is shining around him.


Dad flying away at peace














  1. New Juliet Surrounded by Protective Light

The new rainbow haired Juliet is happy and at peace, having released all of that rage and resentment against the critical dark Dad. She has forgiven him and doesn’t have to place his devious behavior on people when it may not belong there. She is happier with herself.


me surrounded by protective light














  1. New Juliet Makes Friends with the Old Juliet Wright

The new rainbow haired, happier Juliet makes friends with the old, fearful, distrustful Juliet.

me loving me? me forgiving Dad