Beloved (lyrics)

(Beloved, from Beloved, by Juliet A. Wright, copyright 2005, all rights reserved.)Beloved

She eats a lonely dinner

At a table set for two

Fine china, candles, flowers, linens

And steamy dreams of you

Hope dies hard.

She still turns down your side of the bed

Out of yearning every night,

In a barren bed of fantasies for one

That roll into the light

Love lives forever with miss lonely-hearts la.

You can watch her

Through the window

In the house across the street.

Drinking, dreaming, drugging, drooling,

To make her feel complete.

And what is she?  What is she

She is hopeless

A loser

Out of her mind.

She is my sunlight, stardust

She is my self

She is my beloved.

She was a lover, friend

Companion, soul mate, wife, beggar, worshipper,

Doormat, falling under your feet.

Tasting every forbidden fruit

Until the day you hit the street.

But take Jacob’s ladder to the sky

And through the open door

Past the celestial piano, pizza, merlot

Prayers and lore

You’ll see a soul searching for scripture in the stars.

Now she’s awake and letting go

And the crowds are cheering

No longer searching for the smile she found so endearing

She’s found love in herself

Her strength, faith is appealing

In someone her soul loves

Now she’s vowed to worship Him

To whom she is endowed.

It’s because of him that she exists.

To have his love she’s proud.

Her faith is not marred.

And what is she? What is she?

She is






A hopeful romantic

A true believer

She is my stardust

She is myself

She is my beloved.

The view at the top of the ladder

Shows a soul searching for what she can keep

So stop making nasty comments,

Cuz you’re making me feel cheap.

And don’t think you’ll ever nibble on me

Cuz deep down I know you’re a creep.

So take your hands off my ass

And remove your

Fanatic gaze from my breast

And don’t pretend you care

When you’re just a user like the rest.

Give me the respect I deserve

As his beloved child.

And if you’re privileged enough to touch me

I dare you to run you back

On me one more time.

You’ll make me stronger than ever.

I’ll come back as medusa

Mary Magdalene times ten

What am I? What am I?

I am strong








Fed up

A selfish bitch

I am His one and only

I am beloved

I am beloved