Let the Child Speak

(Let the Child Speak, from Fearless Moral Inventory, words and music by Juliet A. Wright, copyright 2010, all rights reserved)  Let the Child Speak

Let the Child speak

Let her voice be heard

She’s no longer weak.

But she hasn’t said a word.

Let the child stand

Don’t be afraid

Alone without demand

This is for what she’s made

Let the child dream

Let the child try

What is she dreaming of

Pretending she can fly

Keep the child near

Look into her eyes

So if she sheds a tear

You can empathize

Is she stuck in the snow

Legs in the air

Is she all alone?

Is she falling off a cliff?

She tries so hard to act as if she’s fine.

Let the child stare

At the image that she sees

She’s a beautiful sight

Her reflection agrees.

Let the child leave

This world for a while

Go swing in a birch tree

Remember how to smile

Let the child love

Let the child feel

It comes down from above

What she feels is real

Let the child rage

Let her get it out

Give her a stage

It’s what she’s been without

Yell and scream

Stamp your feet

Let it out

Rage underneath

Grint you teeth,

Pound and well

Cry out loud, but don’t forget to love

And dream

And love

And dream

And love and dream