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  • Everything is for My RecoveryEverything is for my Recovery

    A new book on codependency and recovery by Juliet Wright In this book, Juliet shares recent experiences that have led to much deeper work on her codependency recovery program. Within…

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  • CD – Beloved

    Truthteller, Storyteller, Follower of the Inner Light takes you on her very personal journeys. For fans of Suzanne Vega, Melissa Etheridge, Tori Amos. Genre: Rock: Folk Rock Release Date: 2005, 2012 Also…

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  • CD – Fearless Moral Inventory

    This album is a very personal journey of a singer/songwriter/Christian/Quaker. This is my journal in song form. It is a recovery/self help Cd. It will help anyone who is in…

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  • Everything Is My Fault by Juliet WrightEverything Is My Fault

    Juliet’s journey with codependency began as a young child when addiction invaded her family of origin. In this book, she observes her codependency as it weaves its way through her…

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