A New Reality

(A New Reality, from Fearless Moral Inventory, by Juliet A. Wright, copyright 2003, all rights reserved.) A New Reality

Is it what you expected?

This new reality?

Fantasy is really more your style.

That way you can deny them,

These traditions that you keep

Changing doesn’t come up in your file

Maybe you think

It just wasn’t meant to be

This new reality

Are you tired of playing the game my friend?

You know I feel the same my friend

I guess it’s me and jack again


Remember when I first met you?

That sparkle in your eye?

New York had never seen a sweeter face.

Pounding the tar of Broadway

Starving every night

Bowing to Baccus, nicotine and lace

Now maybe you think

It doesn’t belong to me

This wintry face I see

Are you tired of feeling sad my friend?

Another night alone again?

Pray to Dionysus tonight.

Tell me how I can reach you

What’s going to make you come alive?

When I look into your eyes

There’s just emptiness inside.

Half-seas-over one more time

There’s no turning back

There’s nothing left for me.

Funny how life changes

The turning of the tide

I’m afraid that you woke up a bit too late.

I guess he got tired of waiting

For you to sort it out.

It’s over now, have you sealed your fate?

Now maybe you think

I’ll live in this reverie

The truth wasn’t meant for me

Are you falling on the floor again?

Wishing he were home again

You know I feel the same my friend

I think it’s time for this to end

I guess it’s me and jack again