Cinderella’s Lies

(Cinderella’s Lies, from Beloved, by Juliet A. Wright, copyright 2004, all rights reserved.) Cinderella’s Lies

I’m trying to deal with Cinderella’s Lies

A shattered slipper and no happy ending

Dreams come true and then you realize

They’re not for keeps.

You know I bought it, the whole screenplay

Believed the fairy tale was true

Now midnights come and what am I to do.

Sleeping Beauty awoke to a kiss

But what happens when the story ends?

Did she think:

“I woke up for this? A prince for a frog?”

I came home one day

And found I’d lost my best friend

Please turn back time

And make this nightmare end.

Fantasy built on a sandy beach

That truth washed away

The two of you will become one.

And you’ll never be alone.

Tell me Diana did you hurt your pride

Knowing that he didn’t really love you?

Is it better on the other side?

Are you at peace?

Peace I’ve learned is found within

Trusting in his love

For the only true love comes down from above.

You don’t have to lie anymore

The truth has been told

And I’m not alone anymore

I’ve found the key that unlocks the door.