Will You Ever Tell

(Will You Ever Tell, from Beloved, by Juliet A. Wright, copyright 2003, all rights reserved.)Will You Ever Tell

Will you ever tell
The secret you’ve been keeping?
Will you ever sell
Sell the truth to me?
Will you ever find
For what you have been searching?
Will you ever share
Share that gold with me?

Did you ever love me
Or was it just a game?
Of hide and seek behind me
Giving you a name?
Did you try to walk
The path that they expected?
Did you try to hide
What others suspected?

Oh what a game
Oh what a ride
I always thought you’d be
Right by my side

The man that I once knew is gone
Who’s here I do not know
Whoever he is he don’t love me
And it’s really starting to show
Oh no

Can you overcome
The fear that’s in your heart?
Will you ever find
The path you’re meant to walk?
Will you learn to love yourself
The way that it should be?
Finally standing up to say
The truth will set you free?

Oh what a shame
Why does love die?
It’s still alive for me
I cannot lie
But I am just loving a dream
A dream that’s passed me by
I would love to live back there
I’m giving it a try

Do you think I’m too ambitious?
Or do you think that I’m insane?
Did family stuff just wear you out?
Or did I neglect you?
I’m filled with shame
Isn’t the pot calling the kettle black?
All our holidays shoved to the back
When Daddy died you didn’t even come back
Tell the truth, you owe me that.

Will you ever tell?
All those years
Will you ever tell?
All those tears
Will you ever tell?
Half my life
Will you ever tell?
Pain and strife.

Words and Music by Juliet Wright
Copyright 2005 all rights reserved