Compliant / Submissive / Obedient




I am a compliant person. That is one of my positive character traits. It is my nature to surrender myself to a power greater than myself and do as I’m asked.


Now wait a minute, didn’t I spend several pages a while ago expounding on how my compliance is a negative thing? Yes, but my compliance can be a good thing when it placed in the right context.


When I say I’m compliant, I could also use the words submissive and obedient. I submit to the authority of God. I submit to the authority of my employers. I am obedient to the authorities of the law and the government.


It is my compliance that allows me to surrender my life to God. It is this part of my character that places me under His authority and asks me to be obedient to His direction in my life. So when He asks me to have worship every morning, I do that. When I am asked to read my bible every day and listen to taped sermons or bible studies, I do that. When I am asked to refrain from exposing myself to media that is potentially detrimental to my walk with Him, I obey. When He asks me to go to Quaker Meeting to worship and serve, I am obedient. When he asks me to get in here and write my book, I do that. He even gives me direct instruction on what to write. I am compliant and do my best to be obedient to him. I believe in this strongly. It is very important to me.


I submit to the authority of my employers. I have been given a job to do and I do it to the best of my ability. I don’t always agree with how things are run at my job. I don’t always agree with the decisions that are made or how the money is spent. But they are my employers or bosses, if you will. I have been hired to perform certain duties. I have not been hired to give my opinion, run programs, or design the budget. I have been hired to teach. So that is what I do. I submit to their authority, comply with their rules and requirements, and do my best to fulfill the duties that have been set before me. This is positive compliance. This is the good kind.


I am compliant with the dietary program that was set up for me by my dietitians and weight loss program, Weight Watchers, at least most of the time. No one is perfect. I do my best to follow their guidelines and it is in my best interest to do that.


In these contexts, my compliance is a positive character trait. It gives me the ability to surrender.



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